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Sugar Coated is Michèle's first solo feature-length documentary in the combined roles of director, editor, and producer, probing the role of sugar in a global healthcare epidemic. The film, in association with TVO and ZDF/ARTE, is set to reach international audiences in 2015.

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Documentary exposes sugar daddy dating phenomenon | Daily. A new documentary, Daddies Date Babies, is set to hit our screens in December, which will lift the lid on the sugar daddy dating phenomenon; an industry which is quietly booming in the U.S., but.

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This is what it’s really like to be a sugar baby Recently, CBC Firsthand debuted “Sugar Sisters,” an intimate documentary film that dives right into the world of sugar dating and explores it through the unique, personal perspective of a close-knit Toronto family.

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Johannesburg - Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby Dating Johannesburg Sugar Babies understand the nature of dating in a city that may be filled with racial tension, so they tend to lean towards the more traditional side to avoid being an outcast in society.

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Vogue investigates Ireland's 'Sugar Dating' Scene - RTE.ie The final episode of Vogue's three-part documentary series will air tonight on RTÉ 2 at 10pm - the series explored sperm donation and anxiety. Tonight sugar dating is in the spotlight.

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Sugar Sisters - cbc.ca Sugar Sisters follows Hannah, a queer twenty-something filmmaker, and her two younger sisters, Amalia and Caroline, as they explore the globally popular phenomenon of sugar dating: young men and.

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Sugar Baby Marriage Option Dating Other Men Experience 'Oh my gosh, I’ve been in the sugar dating scene for about 5 years. I moved to Atlanta to be a producer, but I wasn’t making that much money, and it was hard for me to make friends.

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5 Confessions Of Sugar Babies About Their Sugar Daddies Here are some secrets from women who have rich older men who spoil them. Hannah Cranston and Francis Maxwell talk about sugar babies and sugar daddies.

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John Doyle: A tale of sugar daddies and transactional. CBC’s documentary series Sugar Sisters is a sad, bothersome and unengaging peek inside the world of ‘sugar dating’

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The lucrative highs and 'creepy' lows of 'sugar daddy dating' A new documentary is set to hit our screens in December, which will lift the lid on the sugar daddy dating phenomenon; an industry which is quietly booming in the U.S., but one that is, for many.

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